Airfield Sonic Piercer 64mm EDF Jet Ready to Fly RC 4 Channel 800mm Wingspan (Blue)

Airfield Sonic Piercer 64mm EDF Jet Ready to Fly RC 4 Channel 800mm Wingspan (Blue)

The Sonic Piercer possesses a level of fit and finish that is every bit as impressive as its performance. Quality EPO foam construction allows the entire skin of the plane to be smooth and slick. The sleek fuselage comes with decals pre-installed making build time much faster. The wings are semi symmetrical and have winglets designed into the tips for extra stability in turns.

The plane also features a working rudder to get that nose up during moderate to slow speed banked turns. The wings are reinforced with a carbon spar and has built it balsa sliders underneath to protect the servos if you just happen to have a sketchy landing. The wings are also attached via magnets to make transporting that much easier. The elevator is a full movement horizontal stabilizer giving it excellent elevator authority at high speeds.

The control surfaces are delegated by five precise 9 gram servos. The Sonic Piercer also has a steerable nose wheel to make strip maneuvers easy and convenient. Other features that make this plane easy to work on are a removable hatch giving access to all servos and battery compartment. The ducted fan unit also features a removable hatch allowing quick and easy access, should the fan unit need to be serviced.

This ready to fly version comes with all the electronics pre-installed from the factory. Assemble the wings and stabilizers, plug in the servos, set the control surface throws and you are ready for flight.


wingspan: 800mm/31.5in

Length: 940mm/37in

Weight: 750g

Thrust rate: 1:1


Motor: D2830B-3850KV

Fan Unit: 64mm Ducted Fan Unit

ESC: 40A Brushless ESC

Battery: 2200mAh 20C 11.1V

Servo: Five 9gram servos

Radio System: 2.4GHz 4 Channel E401 radio

Required to Fly:

AA Batteries for Transmitter

Assembly of Plane

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