Eumsung Traditional Korean Cookie 1.7kg(in bamboo basket)

Eumsung Traditional Korean Cookie 1.7kg(in bamboo basket)

- Packing Unit(Material) : 1.7kg / Korean Traditional Basket Packing for Gift

- Composition(Ingredients) : Fried glutinous rice and honey

- 3 months from the manufacturing date.

– The only thing left to eat sealed refrigerator, store in a cool place and re-open when the Guide off after 20 minutes at room temperature, If you like the taste is better. If you have not sealed the humidity is high, and sometimes not change when the surroundings are dry, crunchy because the revocation may be broken.

- Korean rice cakes were mostly enjoyed by the upper classes and was prized for being made of the finest ingredients. The flour used was cherished because it required four seasons of growth to ripen, and people thus believed that it captured the essence of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. According to encyclopedias from the Chosun era, flour was considered a source of many nutrients at the time.

In addition, the flour dough was then mixed with honey, which was also regarded highly due to its many healing properties. In fact, most food made with honey was considered medicinal. “Yakgwa” itself literally means “medicinal fruit.” The cakes were then fried in oil, known for its detoxifying properties.

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