HTV2 Special Edition: newTVpad4 A18. HD / VOD/ Playback / 3D Movies/ XBMC/

HTV2 Special Edition: newTVpad4 A18. HD / VOD/ Playback / 3D Movies/ XBMC/

4th Gen product. Best IPTV box ever. Based on hTV2. Most powerful Live/VOD/Replay.

1. newTVpad4 A18, new generation product, is proudly designed by partner HTV, reputed IPTV producer. newtvpad is hTV first-level of marketing partner.

2. No monthly fee forever.

3. Cover all main channels in all popular boxes. Never miss any wondeful channel.

4. Customize channels for you. Special service from newtvpad.

5. Best Viet channels.

6. 3D Movie zone. Only product providing free 3D movies.

7. Most Complete VOD system ever for Mainland/TW/HK movie/dramas.

8. Most powerful playback ever for past 7 days.

9. Professional desktop for young; Simple desktop for elder. Easily switching.

10. XBMC perfect mate hardware. Hardware decode 1080p.

11. Most powerful remote control ever. Operate smoothly in 12m.

12. Stablest chipset ever, Amlogic brand.

13. Server-Attack-Proof. Fast recovery server system. Additioal fully ready backup system.

14. Support external USB webcam and mic.

15. Built-in WiFi/Play Store/Airplay/Support External HD

16. newtvpad exclusively provides three levels of app collections, making programs available 24 hrs

Tech Support

Check channel list & get help at newtvpad support center

Package Included

1*newtvpad4 A18

1*power adaptor

1*remote control

1*HDMI cable

1*User Manual

1*Quick Guide

1*XBMC preinstalled

HTV company will continue block machines sold by low price. Take your risk to choose those low price deals!
Customized system and exclusive services NOT available to Counterfeit newtvpad4 A18

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