Huhushop(TM) High Precise Speed 40W USB CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Cutting Machine

Huhushop(TM) High Precise Speed 40W USB CO2 Laser Engraver Engraving Cutting Machine

br>1.This machine employs an USB port and thus can be connected to your laptop or desktop. By the support of included software, LaserDRW, WinsealXP, this machine can work well with multiple graphic formats and has the ability of both NewlySeal and NewlyDraw, so it can be employeed in both carving and cutting works.

2.Application industry: This machine is suitable to seal engraving, advertisement, art gift, garment, leather, toy, building upholster, computerized embroidery, packing and printing, paper product, garments sampling, large width tailoring, shoemaking, furniture, industry, craftwork, nameplates decorations, woodcut and other industries.

3.Suitable for various materials: such as Plexiglass, bamboo piece, double-color planks, boulder, horns, leather, crystal, wood, organic plastic, abrics, paper, film, canvas, Acrylic and Plastics and other non-metallic materials.
Features :

Laser tube type: Sealed CO2 laser tube

Laser power: 40W 50W (optional)

Configuration motherboard MS light I motherboard and CK- to create the motherboard

Work width : 300MM*200MM

Cutting speed : 0-1000mm/min (according to the material and thickness)

Working voltage: 220V, 50HZ or 110V, 50HZ

Power Supply :110V/60Hz for USA, Canada,Japan etc.

220V~250V for other countries all over the world.

Total power : 130W-180W

Positioning accuracy: ± 0.01mm

Minimum shaping characters : English 1mm , Chinese characters in 1.8mm

Working temperature: 0-45 ℃

Operating humidity : 5-95%

Drive mode: Digital subdivision stepping motor

Cooling mode: Forced water circulation

The weight of the whole machine : 38 kg

The machine comes with accessories: exhaust fan, water pump, software CD, dongle, data cable, power cord, smoke pipe.

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