Mittagong 3D Breathable Washable Baby Rest Crib Mattress,51.6×27.2x2in

Mittagong 3D Breathable Washable Baby Rest Crib Mattress,51.6×27.2x2in


It presents six surface breathable hollow three-dimensional structure, soft hard moderate, without toxic and smell, and it does not affect the warm condition. Meanwhile, it create a refreshing and the external environment to the skin which can improve human’s sleep condition. Maximum protect bay’s skeleton growth.

Normal cotton fiber has high hydroscopicity, can easily mildew and gives strange odor. 3d takes X-90 structure, two sides meshes, and it is light and washable. The hollow ventilating hexahedron structure allows the water to go through in one second and take away all the dirt, rendering acarid and bacteria hard to survive. The material can be dried swiftly and prevent itself from mildewing.

With its 8 million points ,it suits for human body engineering, which can effectively protect the skeleton(3d structure of “X-90″).Meanwhile, with its double sides hole, each point is an independent support, it can hold to every bit of promote blood circulation, then effectively release the pressure of human body bone and support human’s cardiovascular. Mid-hardness, nontoxic and peculiar smell.

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