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“Do You Have Questions About Paternity ?”

Answers Are Available with The Rapid DNA Paternity Test Kit!!!

The kit has everything needed to identify paternity, as well as the sample collection tools. While not used for legal evidence, these tests are effective in giving peace of mind and private knowledge.

- We can answer important paternity questions. As easy as 1, 2, 3

- First, Use the cheek swabs to collect the DNA Samples.

- Next, Place the Childs swabs and the Alleged Fathers swabs in the envelopes provided.

- Then mail swabs and order form to our lab. This information is provided in the kit.

Your Paternity Test Results Are Typically Available In 3 Days After We Receive The Samples!

We are the only company to offer over 26-marker genetic analysis in combination with our standard double-blind process on every paternity sample in every paternity case. More makers better Results ! Other companies only offer 16 markers genetic analysis, and run the test 1 time. We run the testing twice to insure 99.98% accuracy. We will Mail a copy of the Results to you once they are available. If you would like a copy emailed to you simple call the toll free number provided in your kit. This will allow you to receive your results Fast.

Get Peace Of Mind Knowing Our Lab Services Our Full Accredited

- Our Service performs 1000’s of test per year.

- You Have the Ability to Upgrade to a Legal Purpose test too. Just Call!

- All Upgraded testing comes with a $50 Upgrade coupon in this kit!

Results are Guaranteed or Your Money Back !

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