Tasso DMC 5 Devil May Cry Dante Red Black Coat Cosplay Costume-custom Made (Female-M)

Tasso DMC 5 Devil May Cry Dante Red Black Coat Cosplay Costume-custom Made (Female-M)

Theme: DMC 5, Devil May Cry, Dante

Product Material: Imitation Leather

Package Included: 1x Coat

Note: We can custom-made your costume by our factory’s experienced tailors. The Custom Time needs 15 Days.

Please kindly to choose the size you need refer to our size chart! Thank you!


XXS: Height: 148-152cm, Bust: 76-78cm, waist: 57-59cm, hips: 84-86cm

XS: Height: 153-157cm, Bust: 79-81cm, waist:60-62cm, hips: 87-89cm

S: Height: 158-162cm, Bust: 82-84cm, waist: 63-65cm, hips: 90-92cm

M: Height: 163-167cm, Bust: 85-87cm, waist:66-68cm, hips: 93-95cm

L: Height: 168-172cm, Bust: 88-90cm, waist: 69-71cm, hips: 96-98cm

XL: Height:173-177cm, Bust: 91-93cm, waist: 72-74cm, hips: 99-101cm

XXL: Height:178-182cm, Bust: 94-96cm, waist: 75-77cm, hips: 102-104cm


XS: Height: 158-162cm, Bust:87-89cm, waist: 75-77cm, hips: 88-90cm

S: Height:163-167cm, Bust: 90-92cm, waist: 78-80cm, hips: 91-93cm

M: Height:168-172cm, Bust: 93-95cm, waist: 81-83cm, hips: 94-96cm

L: Height: 173-177cm, Bust: 96-98cm, waist: 84-86cm, hips: 97-99cm

XL: Height:178-182cm, Bust: 99-101cm, waist: 87-89cm, hips: 100-102cm

XXL: Height: 183-187cm, Bust: 102-104cm, waist:90-92cm, hips: 103-105cm

XXXL: Height: 188-192cm, Bust:105-107cm, waist: 93-95cm, hips:106-108cm


S: Height: 110-130cm, Bust: 55-64cm, waist: 50-56cm, hips: 60-72cm, Neck: 34cm

L: Height: 130-150cm, Bust: 65-75cm, waist:57-70cm, hips: 73-83cm, Neck: 36cm

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