Waterman Perspective Blue Obsession Medium Point Fountain Pen (1904577)

PERSPECTIVE is the pen of choice for those with refined aesthetic sensibilities. Its pure and graphic line has the look of the limitless panorama of a modern cityscape, this strong blue shade and faceted sculptural features are as limitless as your ideas. Blue obsession is a collection of Emotion, Imagination and Heritage. For WATERMAN, the instantly recognizable blue that has become its signature color is so much more than a shade. It reflects a certain blue mindset – serene and calm, yet brimming with creativity and inspiration beneath the surface. WATERMAN recognizes that everyone has an obsession that propels them forward and drives their ambition. It is why every pen in the WATERMAN Blue Obsession Collection has been conceived to inspire. Sensitive craftsmanship does more than put an object of sheer beauty and quality in your hand. It can produce a sensual thrill of inspiration each time you see, touch and use it. Because fine pens speak to the furthermost reaches of your imagination, conjuring your most powerful ideas and channeling them from mind, to nib, to paper. The WATERMAN Blue Obsession Collection invites you to escape from convention through the fluidity of the color blue, and indulge your obsessive creativity. Since 1883, the sensuality and distinctiveness of WATERMAN have assured its place at the heart of Parisian elegance and luxury. The brand’s remarkable history is a relentless quest to marry innovation, design and excellence and to be a leading inspiration that continues to drive the creation of some of the most stylish and sophisticated writing instruments in the world today. In its Center of Excellence in Nantes, in France, over 400 specialists work with state of the art equipment and techniques to transform precious materials and innovative designs into striking jewels.

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