White Akoya Cultured Pearl 3-Piece Jewelry Set 7.0-7.5mm-AAA Quality-White Gold

White Akoya Cultured Pearl 3-Piece Jewelry Set 7.0-7.5mm-AAA Quality-White Gold


Saltwater Akoya pearls are known for being perfectly round, white in color and highly lustrous.

SIZE recommend sizes 6.5-7.0mm up through 8.0-8.5mm, which are versatile enough to be worn during both day and evening events and will look beautiful with any outfit! Smaller sizes like the 6.0-6.5mm are recommended for petite ladies or teen girls.

OVERTONE- Akoya pearls have three overtones: Rose, Silver or Cream. Silver is the most popular, and closest to a bright white color. Silver looks beautiful on women with dark hair, tan or olive complexions. Rose shows up as a faint blush of pink- this overtone complements women with fair complexions or light hair. Cream overtones will appear as a faint tinge of French Vanilla, and look great on everyone, although redheads, women with pink or red undertones to their skin, and older women really shine with Cream.

LUSTER- Our AAA quality pearls will display luster that is highly reflective (you should be able to see a detailed reflection of your face within the pearl’s surface) and light sources reflecting off the pearl should be crisp and sharp. AA+ quality pearls will still be highly lustrous, but slightly softer- you won’t be able to see your complete face, and reflected light sources will show a slight blurring around the edges.

SURFACE QUALITY- Akoya pearl surface quality is graded on the A- AAA grading scale, however Pure Pearls only offers the finest AA+ or AAA quality pearls. AAA quality Akoya pearls will display less than 5% blemishing on the pearl’s surface, and AA+ quality pearls will feature less than 10%. It is important to note that for strands, this standard applies to each individual pearl, as well as the strand overall.

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